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application of steel wool

Steel wool is a kind of polishing material mainly used for stone products (steel wool can be used with wax for daub polishing), metal products and wood products such as grinding and polishing.

Commonly used steel wire cotton has the following 3+1 kinds

Steel Wool Floor Pad

Although the fiber is strong but soft, the product is thick and fluffy, which is conducive to high adsorption and minimum blockage.It can be used with polishing machine to remove the surface layer, stains, waxing or the beautiful parquet floor and all kinds of uneven floors which are difficult to deal with.Also can do the polishing of hardware workpiece.

Steel Wool Soap Pad contains soapy Steel Wool

It is made of traditional steel wire cotton with imported synthetic detergent and dye, and it has excellent detergency and derusting power. It can be widely used in sanitary ware, cabinet ware, family bathroom, hotel, office building and other cleaning fields.It is easy and convenient to use. Just stick a little water on the surface of the object to be cleaned and gently rub it back and forth until foam appears. The dirt can be removed after several times.

Steel Wool Hand Pad

Outside forms the ripple shape, increases the friction, squeezes the right amount cleaner, wets may undertake the cleaning to the cooker, the China, the floor.

Steel Wool sandpaper

Be advantageous to the polishing of woodwork or metal handicraft, polishing performance is superior, flexibility is good, can reach the corner of difficult, irregular place to carry on polishing conveniently especially, domestic and foreign manufacturer USES extensively in piano, high-grade furniture, picture frame, star class hotel's copper door and other handicraft to carry on polishing.

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