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biodegradable kitchenware

Degradable tableware USES two kinds of materials: one is made of natural materials, such as paper products, straw, starch, degradable, also known as environmental products;Another is plastic as the main component, adding starch, photosensitizer and other substances made.

At present, our company has more than 60 varieties of five categories of wood-pulp moulded environmental tableware:

1. Plate (mainly used for holding Fried dishes) : 6 inch plate, 7 inch plate, 8 inch plate, 10 inch disk, 10 inch 3-grid disk, small oval plate, 7 inch Australian disk, 9 inch 3-grid disk, 9 inch disk, medium oval plate, large oval plate;

2. Bowl (mainly used for holding soup, noodles, coffee, etc.) : 500ML bowl, 340ML bowl, 7-inch bowl, 6-inch bowl, 350ML bowl, 400ML bowl, 350ML edging bowl;

3. Cup (mainly used for holding coffee, soup, ice cream, etc.) : 500ML cup, 500ML lid, 425ML cup, 425ML lid, 140ML cup, 260ML cup, 370ML cup;

4. Pallets (mainly used for holding vegetables, fruits, meat, etc.) : American pallets, 350ml pallets;

5. Boxes (mainly used for fast food packaging) : 600ML lunch box, 1000ML double-compartment lunch box, 450ML hamburger box, 450ML lunch box, 9-inch box, 8-inch box, 10-inch box.9 "x 6" lunch box

Pulp molding products according to customer needs to develop new molds, production of new varieties.My company has a strong mold development ability, can develop the product mainly to catering utensils, can completely according to the needs of different customers to produce different grams of weight, specifications, styles of products.

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